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Residential Contractors

Creative Closets offers an all-in-one solution!

Why juggle numerous sub-contractors to accessorize your residential projects?
We offer builder packages that include special pricing and finder fees on:

  • Closet Shelving
  • Bath Accessories
  • Mirrors
  • Shower Doors (Framed, Semi-Frameless, and Heavy Glass)

We have been helping builders for more than 25 years and are currently working with more than 50 builder partners. Our goal is not only to help residential contractors complete their projects more smoothly, but also to keep their clients happy by giving them the comfort and satisfaction that they can only find in a beautifully organized home. We will work with your homebuyers to design organizational solutions that work for their particular lifestyle and offer finder fees for client upgrades. Creative Closets has the creativity and experience to customize every room in the home. That includes the Laundry Room and the Garage.

Creative Closets’ dedicated designers are trained to work from blueprints; we don’t have to wait for drywall. We also offer our expertise to many builders at the drafting stage to help them to design more space efficient designs from the start. We can help you to accessorize, organize, and maximize the space in your residential projects today. Contact us to set up a complimentary consultation either on-site or at our showroom.