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Our Team

ellyn-gellar-elstein Ellyn Gellar Elstein

Ellyn Gellar ElsteinPresident and CEO

I started Creative Closets® in 1983 and became the original “Closet Lady®” in 1988. I specialize in design and sales as well as being head of our team. When I am not stuck in the closet, I enjoy photography and seeing new areas of the world. I also enjoy astronomy, sailing, needlepoint, reading, and spending time with my family and our dog Diesel.

IMG_8568-104x135 Chuck Strzelecki

Chuck StrzeleckiOffice Manager and Executive Accountant

I have been with Creative Closets® since 1994. I am in charge of overseeing all that goes on within our company. I coordinate the team and responsible for communication, HR, scheduling, and accounting. A large part of my time is spent coordinating with our clients and builders to help create a smooth process. In my free time I love to golf, cook, and spending time with my family and grandchildren.

IMG_1281-104x135 Tashua Hersh

Tashua HershAdministrative Project Assistant and Front Office Manager and Assistant to the President

I have been with Creative Closets® since April of 2019. While I am working, my responsibilities include inviting people into our showroom, scheduling consultations, keeping track of billing, and helping our team work together. When not working, I like to spend time with my family, friends, and living each day the fullest.

greg-fiedorowicz Greg Fiedorowicz

Greg FiedorowiczInstallation Manager and Manager of Estimating and Purchasing

I started working with Creative Closets® in 2006. My original position was installer, but have moved up to the position of Installation Manager. I am in charge of quality control, purchasing and overseeing the Safety Committee. Outside of work my time is mostly spent with my camera. I enjoy photographing landscapes, creating portraiture, and shooting anything else that sparks my interest.

earl-gillard Earl Gillard

Earl GillardLead Installer and Vehicle Coordinator

My career with Creative Closets® began in 1995. Along with installing our most complex designs, I act as the go to person for problem solving. Vehicle maintenance and tracking is an additional job I hold. I like to travel on my motorcycle, sometimes as much as 600 miles per day. I also enjoy hiking and fishing.

IMG_1290-1-104x135 Chris Thomas

Chris ThomasCertified Installation Technician and Shower Door Specialist

I have been with Creative Closets® since 2015. I am responsible for the installation of all types of closets and garage materials as well as bath accessories and mirrors. I have an extensive background in woodworking and cabinet finishing. In my spare time I enjoy playing the guitar and singing at local clubs around the Lehigh Valley.

IMG_8562-104x135 Justin Maurer

Justin MaurerInstallation Technician

I have been working with Creative Closets® since 2014. I am part of the installation crew. I attended Lincoln Career and Technical Institute for Carpentry and graduated 3rd in my class. In my free time I volunteer for the Boy Scouts, serve on many committees within my church, and sing in a quartet.

IMG_1285-104x135 Jack Schoch

Jack SchochWarehouse Manager and Coordinator

I have been the Warehouse Manager for Creative Closets® since 2019. My responsibilities include receiving all inventory and special order materials, preparing all items needed for our installation team, keeping the machinery in shape, keeping our production area organized and clean. After work my time is spent with my wife, kids and playing the guitar. \m/

sherri-hammond Sherri Hammond

Sherri HammondDesign and Sales Consultant

I have been with Creative Closets® since 2014. My duties include working with clients to design a space that fulfills their space planning needs. I also create 3D renderings of our organizational systems for clients projects. In my spare time I like to be with my family, ride my bike, compete in triathlons, and train rescue dogs.

gloria-ellis Gloria B. Ellis know as “G”

Gloria B. Ellis know as “G”Manager of First Impressions, Studio Design and Coordinator of Charitable Projects

I joined the Staff of Creative Closets® in 2011. My major responsibility is that of being “The Closet Lady’s®” mother. While at the office I have a number of items in my job description . I am in charge of finding and tracking the non-profit organizations we help. I was responsible for working with over 125 agencies in 2014 . We give gift certificates valued at $250.00 for their silent auctions. In between, I take care of decorating and propping the showroom and updating it for the different seasons. I take care of various office projects and act as hostess for our guests to our showroom. In my personal time I love to attend the Opera and Orchestra, take film classes, visit Art Museums and try different art methods. I also love to read, travel and I enjoy seeing my children, grandchildren and great-grandchild, family, and friends.

diesel Diesel

DieselMascot and Furry Friend

IN LOVING MEMORY - 2000-2017 I am a Polish Lowland Sheepdog and I have been with my mom’s company since 2002 when she rescued me from some very mean people. I love my new life at home and especially at work. My main job is to make people smile and to keep children occupied. My duties include greeting clients, doing tricks,(of course for treats), and generally being adorable. In my free time I love swimming in the river, chewing on squeaky toys, making new furry friends, sleeping, and playing with my family.